Island Businesses and Business Information

Commercial Land

Between 1994 and 2010 12 hectares of industrial land has been developed on Portland. The total area of land with permission or allocated in local plans is 56.2 hectares, of which 11.5 hectares are at Osprey Quay and 38h at Portland Port.

Industrial Estates

Osprey Quay (49 hectares), Portland Port (47 hectares), Immosthay (7.5 hectares), Tradecroft (6.5 hectares), Southwell Business Park (8 hectares), St George’s Centre Workshops (0.1 hectares)


Retail Profile (2005)

58 shops with 44,000 sq ft of retail space, plus Co-op and Tesco.


Main Employers

include Dorset County Council, HM Prison Service, National Health Service, Portland Harbour Authority Ltd, Albion Stone, Ceewrite Engineering, Drumgrange, The Heights Hotel, M&N Electrical and Mechanical, Manor Marine, Portland Engineering, Portland Port Ltd, Portland Stone, Portland Stone Firms Ltd, Southwell Business Park, Sunseeker International, Tesco


Employment (2012)

The total number of people working on Portland was 3,400.


Businesses (2009)

The total number of businesses on the Island (excluding the self-employed) was 290.


Work Pattern
Full Time
Part Time
Type of Employment
Public Admin, Education and Health
Distribution, Accommodation and Food
Production and Construction
Other Market Services
Finance, ICT and Other Professional Services